I Am The Walrus!


Big news!! Sam got bangs!! Yes, COVID is making us worried about our hair, again! Lisa got hers done too and it's cut short enough that she can survive a month or two on lock down. Lisa can not contain her excitement about hearing Kelly and Ryan talking about the McRib even if it's not coming here. It goes from bad to worse as she struggles with pillow angst. Sam is fed up with the Disney villain quiz and concedes to being Jafar from Aladdin. Lisa wonders if Pinocchio is a villian, considering he was a liar. Sam doesn't think so but Lisa is not convinced he isn't a bad guy. She thinks Cricket, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are villains but to be honest she DFC'd on the conversation! Sam is excited that ABC is having a Disney Sing along but Lisa doesn't care. Even though Dan Levy star of Schitts Creek was named one of People's sexiest men, Lisa will still not consider watching it. Whatever, her loss! Anna got us good with her FB post about her Boom Baby Bakery. This prompted Lisa to forge ahead with the Holiday launch at the bakery and reveal three fun new holiday treats! Tuesdays FB was fabulous again and the losers were Sam's two favorite kinds of ice creams. Lisa wimped out and didn't even mention her favorite old lady ice cream. The conversation takes a turn when they start chatting about Oprah, Scooter Braun, Sinbad, Hell's Kitchen, the HHG, bathroom germs, oven mitts, COVID cruising, the walrus, hockey cards, Donnie Walberg, holiday appetizers, a gift for Sam, Red Lobster, Oreo cookies, new flavoured coffee creamers, Game night in a can, crustless bread, how do you eat a sandwich, The Crown and more Netflix recommends from Sam! Both ladies picked the 70's to go back to but had totally opposite views on what improvements to bring with them. Guess who went back just for the sex, drugs and rock and roll! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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