How’s It Hangin?


Surprise!! Lisa and I thought you guys might need a little mood booster so we roped Jersey into recording us again! We check in with each other and both of us are a bit bored! It's all about the COVID and nothing good is coming from that! There's a bit of smack talk around spanking the monkey and you learn a new phrase courtesy of Sam! I traded books for food which has Lisa a bit envious. We discuss the importance of maintenance, Rosie O'Donnell, Jimmy Fallon, Disney rides, Costco, acts of kindness, Lisa's food obsessions, turkey bacon, hotdog vs hamburger, and food shows on Netflix. It's just a quick episode but we've added in some behind the scenes audio that typically we give only to the patreons. For as little as $5 a month you could get them every week! So keep listening till the end and we hope you enjoy it! 

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