Hey Bobby Flay…


Sam's staycation is in full swing, bad hips and all. Lisa is the queen of staycation and could teach Sam a thing or too! Sam is living wildly through snacks during her staycation. It took everything Lisa had to not stay home and watch the inauguration, thank god for PVR's. She is only part way through it but knows it's a gooder!  So many great women showed up to the inauguration, JLO stole the show, Michelle Obama was the boss and Amanda Gorman embodied the late great Maya Angelou! Lisa wonders how we rank up against these women and Sam is brutally honest and says 'we don't'! The ladies are still convinced Kelly Ripa is listening to the podcast and all they want is a quick shout out. Is that too much to ask for? Lisa knows we aren't a food podcast but she is missing restaurant food especially wings, mmm the sauce. She shares her new knowledge of butterscotch vs caramel and asks the burning question what's the difference between a fair and a circus. It really comes down to the smells! Lisa has a few questions she needs answers to like, why so many pastas and how come squirrels can remember where they hide their nuts but she can't remember where she puts her keys? Good questions Lisa! Sam brings up Wendy, Winnie the Pooh day, why do women cut their hair after a break up, Harry and Meghan’s deal with Netflix and FB Tuesday’s all about the thrills! Lisa has convinced herself that she can beat Bobby Flay. Her signature dish is meatloaf and believes her cooking skills are on fire because Mike said the shake n bake wasn't over done!  Sam thinks she is nuts but Lisa thinks her new calling could be stew or maybe chicken wings! Speaking of awkward situations Sam mentions JT looking weirdly uncomfortable talking about his new child while on Ellen. Dolly Parton turned seventy five and Miley Cyrus jokes on IG that in honor of her bday she is getting Double D's! They question why Graceland is charging one hundred dollars for a virtual tour and why Gwyneth's vagina candle exploded in a U.K. home. Sam explains eyebrows and the usefulness of the appendix while Lisa focuses on the pink and blue eraser and pom pom socks. Lisa is curious about smart food, while Sam chats about The Crown, the favorite child, Armie Hammer, Saved By the Bell, Seigfried, Queen Latifa and the Jays blockbuster trade. Sam shares a few things with Lisa that she should know like the newest trend and how to detect a lie. The ladies end with some fun I Shake My Heads which involves nature and mammograms! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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