Hello Summer Donuts!!


Lisa and Sam are beyond excited that Krispy Kreme has made summer donuts!! They are light and fresh glazed master pieces unlike the heavily filled Canadian version! Dear Canada, why don't we have a lemonade donut!? This causes Lisa to have a revelation about summer, mini donuts and the Boom Baby bakery! The ladies are having a week, Sam is over the finger splint and Lisa discovers she can't write anymore but she can thumb type like a champ! Lisa had an 80's car party for one and Sam was wondering why Lisa was trying on clothes at Wal-Mart! They realize people will need to relearn how to people again and that the phrase "fuck you" is literally at the end of every sentence these days. Ross Matthews teaches Sam a new word but Lisa doesn't approve of the combo. Come on dunch is going to catch on! The discussion turns to the new royal baby Lilibet, fancy water, fishing, Sinead O'connor's retirement, FB Tuesday, shout out to Mauritius, East Africa, the HHG, mismatched apartment, muffin top issues, Lisa's question corner, Jann Arden, Krispy Kreme flavours, Hell's Kitchen, food negotiations and KD, old 80's can opener, eyeglass care, influencing people, Jeff Bezo and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are old grievances resurfacing anew! It's light-hearted chit chat with a pinch of ridiculous thrown in but it might just make you laugh!

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