Hair Dye And Chill


It is all about Netflix, hair woes and being a basic bitch! Yup, it's the 4th week of self isolation and this shit is getting real! Easter dinner went well as Lisa cooked with a twist and Sam got take out from the restaurant of Mom and Pop. Peeps are being misappropriated and Lisa is having none of that! Sam has decided she is not meant to learn a new skill and she is okay with it! Lisa is concerned about toilet paper usage and wonders what will you use when you run out...kleenex? Sam tells the tale of a grocer gone bad and of course Lisa sides with them! Lisa is obsessed with buying hair dye and that puts her right on trend! Sam asks what do you think will trend in week 6, one FB listener suggested pregnancy tests! We discuss Ontario cottage country, following the rules, COVID cases in Saskatoon, Tyler Perry, What day is it, SNL, Songland and the HHG's obsession with Tik Tok! It's just a bunch of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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