Going Rogue!!!


Listener alert!! This episode's audio is a bit echoey, sorry folks! 

Here they go again! Even when separated by 3 provinces the ladies still rally to record with the help of John the editor! Lisa quickly launches into a 'Sam looks pissy' line of questioning. She just tired! Give a woman a smidge of freedom and watch her go rogue! Lisa was freed from the vac so off she went to see the HHG and she drove herself!! What!! Sam thinks she over did it and Lisa's husband agrees! Their conversation gets rolling with chat of Jennifer Aniston, Ellen, Jann Arden, edibles, Barney, Trump, meatballs, baseball, pickled wieners and pudding! Lisa and Sam dig in to a topic suggested by friend of the podcast Sonia! They don't want to overhear  negative talk or what someone did last night! Keep it to yourselves people!!

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