Gargle and Spit!


The weather outside was frightful and that meant snow days for everyone!! The ladies are in good spirits but Lisa was thinking Mike should have gone to work anyways...too much time with the tall man?! Sam is soothing herself with Hallmark Christmas movies and hot chocolate. Mike seems to love them too, much to Lisa's annoyance! Sam is back loving Dolly and her new Christmas song with Michael Buble. Lisa has requirements for a Christmas song and tries to convince Sam that Anne Murray's version of Christmas in Killarney is a classic. Sam is thinking she needs winter boots and Lisa is doubtful that this will happen. She needs pictures! Sam is pissed at FB because they fact checked her Monday post because it wasn't a road in Canada. Dear FB do you know the meaning of a meme? Seriously, don't correct the Canadian on winter in Canada!! Saskatchewan got a shout out from Lisa's BFF Kelly Ripa, cool! Lisa wonders if birds know that the weather is crappy? The ladies mention the passing of Alex Trebeck, one of Canada's great Canadians. They wonder if they will retire Jeopardy or if it will continue with a new host. They get wrapped up talking about DWTS, tuesdays FB post, Kameron Parkers post, good mouth you spit and gargle, Phil Collins, squid ink, pecan pie, ugly food, Dear Mike Gibson, SK Deputy Premier, DQ frozen hot chocolate, silent letters, peanut brittle, Lifesavers, Christmas oranges, the HHG, deviled eggs, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, Supermarket Sweep, The Umbrella Academy, The Crown and everyone should watch The Queen's Gambit according to Sam!! Lisa and Sam play a quick game of This and That and of course Sam has a bonus question that gets Lisa to finally decide between hotdogs and KD mac and cheese! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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