Gardener You Ain’t!


When did the earth become hell?  This is how Lisa starts off the podcast so you know it's gonna be a good one!! We aren't in Betty as John points out and that starts a fun game of let's air our dirty laundry!  We think it's too hot here in Toon town but Death Valley is, well, deadly!  Lisa is all wrapped up in the Democratic convention and she gets derailed by Sam's rendition of a Lover Boy song.  Lisa schools Sam on the proper pronunciation of Kamala Harris's name and well franky Sam DFC'd!  Her secret service name is somewhat original but the one Lisa's husband picked for her is so her!  John tosses in his two cents on names for comes passive aggressive.  A very large group of people in Toronto have to explain why they were in a strip club because someone tested positive for COVID.  Sam wants to be a fly on the wall for those chats!!  Sam  admits to a new obsession of loving the popping sound from a good neck crack!  The fun continues as we discuss at home shows, the Fat Sandwich, BBQ smoked squirrel sandwich, turkey dinner candy corn, Lisa loves Martha knows best on HGTV, Lisa is now a gardener, Sara Haines, Drew Barrymore, pancetta, rearranging cupboards, Blockbuster Airbnb, Elvis, Mama June, candy as a kid, Ding Dong lattes, drive-in haunted houses, crows, push vs pull, JT and jelly vs jam.  Sam and Lisa play a game of kill, marry, one night stand. Some of our choices were obvious but also hilarious! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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