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 They're back, back again...yes friends of the podcast it's our regularly scheduled Friday podcast. It's a special one because its our 3rd Podiversary!! Lisa pays homage to the Queen as she celebrates her 94th birthday! As we talk all things royal I wonder why everyone is giving up their 'famous' recipes and do we care? Trend alert! Hair is the most obsessively talked about topic showing up on talk shows and social media. Is this discouraging us or encouraging us? I want Lisa to brave the new trend by shaving her head! Lisa wants nothing to do with that and changes the subject to spelling bees. How do you spell disappointment? We cover a lot from the Masked Singer, TV concerts, Prince, Melissa McCarthy, summer fun, naps & snacks, mini pizzas, Captain Crunch, food truck season, marinade vs rub, sitting workout, Korean dolls, and a pigeon update. Lisa and I put together a few of our favorite clips from the past few years and yes that's me screaming like a girl. We hope you enjoy our trip down laughing lane! It's just a bit of ridiculousness but it might just make you laugh! 

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