Forty Below…WTF


It may be freezing outside but that won't stop Lisa and Sam from recording!! The show must go on(hold for dramatic pause)! Come on, we're from Saskatchewan if we can't handle cold now we better move! Things get going when Lisa mentions Sia's public declaration of sexual rejection. The ladies don't care what she's doing but why does it need to be made public knowledge? Sam gets concerned as Lisa reveals she is back to stalking Jann Arden. Not again!! Sam ignores that information and moves on to discuss Ryan Seacrest, Ricky Gervais, a womanizing tortoise, deviled eggs, Timbit cereal, JLO, Tom Hanks, Mr. Peanut, A&W, Survivor, The Rock, tuna 'fish', Fry Boards, vinegar and the first LP you ever bought! They may be 50 year old women but sometimes what you loved as a kid just sticks with you. Lisa stock piles jello while Sam admits to still watching cartoons and loving bubble gum ice cream! It's all just ridiculous chatter but hopefully it makes you laugh!  

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