Feels Like A Hug!?


Lisa is stirring up a hornets nest with crazy talk about french fries but that gets derailed when they disagree on what is classified as fast food. Lisa believes food court food is different than drive thru food just because of a window! Sam disagrees but when Lisa describes the food court semi circle like a big hug, you just roll with it! The ladies are wondering if Mother Earth is confused because it feels like summer  again. Lisa suggests Mother Nature is a toddler, Sam thinks she is more like a sullen teenager. However, with further discussion they decide she is actually menopausal. God help us! It's national coffee day and Lisa got her tall blonde for free. Cool! What does the phrase 'running on a hamster wheel' mean to you? Lisa isn't sure and Sam does her best to explain it to her. This takes them on a fun journey of chatting about the grocery pip, Sunday baseball, the lottery, old Halloween candy and the HHG, the Alexa game, competitive wine drinkers of Canada, spam email, food that shaped Canada, FB Tuesday, pumpkin cold foam iced coffee, pumpkin flavoured sweet potato chips, no juice for Sam, the sandwich maker, fake fan, Lisa's question corner, new British series Mum, Sam's grocery adventure, SNL, do we need more, the phrase 'making memories' and the thing's Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are annoying and creepy! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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