Everything Has A Name!


We start off with high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes! Just a quick nod to John Jamingo, our audio editor and the feud between his Phillies and Lisa's Jays. Lisa reveals big news she is on the bike again and points out all those who said they would rather be promiscuous than a liar...are liars! Lol!! The HHG could be disappointed in hearing this news but that doesn't mean she has to start biking again! Lisa and Mike finally got a new car and its white, so if there's a winner it's her! She does think it's a snoopy car cause it can read the messages on her phone. What are you hiding Lisa? Sam is proud to be Canadian after Schitt's Creek swept the Emmys but got even more excited when Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Saskatoon. WTF!! Lisa still isn't swayed enough by this to commit to watching it. Sheesh! We pay homage to the notorious RBG and think her shoes will be hard to fill. Our girl Wendy Williams was a bit of a hot mess on her premiere day. We still love her but sometimes she doesn't make sense! It's been the week of premieres and Ellen's first monologue got some backlash. Sam feels that those who would get upset were always going to dislike it. Lisa brings up Lady Gaga and the clip of her laughing at the Tiger Queen. Why should she get slammed for something we would do and nobody gives a shit if we laugh at the Tiger Queen! Lisa asks for so little in life and one of those things is to keep Kelly Clarkson at home! Lisa talks about Pop Tarts that could cause a heart attack which segways to her complaining about Mike's choice of fruit and judging a grocery store by their bananas. Tuesday's facebook splinters the group, who knew pie was so controversial! We talk about getting our ducks in a row, Dodgeball thunderdome, Cobra Kai, Jerry from Cheer, the Taco Chronicles, Friends, in 2020 everything gets a name, Dewgarita, Pigs in a blanket, tater tots, The Soup, Kobe Bryant, the Duggars, squad update, cigarette machines, cinnamon toothpicks, chocolate covered cherries, and the top five chocolate bars in Canada! We don't often agree but when it comes to fall foods nothing is off the table! This time of year is all about soups, stews, buns, perogies and carbs!!  It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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