Donut Dilemmas!


 It's Thursday afternoon and all we wanted was a donut to take the edge off and it was a total disappointment, twice!! How could Lisa and Sam have forgotten that afternoon donuts are verboten!! Oh well, gotta move past it and talk about Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes!! Lisa launches into how she feels about the latest news on Harry and Megan. She ain't happy cause her girl the Queen got dissed! Sam gets her to move past it so they can talk about Save by the bell, Hooters, pasties, KFC, intuitive eating, Jeopardy, Ikea, 60 Days In, moo muffs, bruschetta, new Doritos and Mark Twain. Lisa introduces a new segment 'what you talking about'! The ladies then discuss what a million dollars gets you and well it's really not that much!! Don't quit your day jobs people! Our conversations are odd but they may just make you laugh!

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