Ready, Set, Summer?


It's warm and sunny in Saskatoon and Lisa has implemented the no coat rule perhaps a little too soon. Armed with her umbrella and stubbornness she battles cool temps and snow! Sam thinks she's a dumbass but Lisa knows best?! Have you ever wondered why all dog breeds look the same but humans don't? Well, it got Lisa thinking and that only leads to one thing...a very strange conversation! The ladies get down to some chit chat about the HHG and a strange family game of guess the autocorrect, garden gnomes, 6 degrees of the Quadfather, raspberry jam, Prince William and chocolate filled marshmallows! Summer is not upon us yet but Lisa is speeding it up and announces when hers starts! Heads up it's soon! Keep listening to the I Shake My Head its a joint one and it's a classic Sam rant!

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