Really? Really!


It has been a long week for the ladies and it's only Wednesday!  Lisa raises the bar for married women...WWE anyone? The ladies discuss french toast, Joan Rivers, men's PJs, acidic pee and the screaming shits!  Yes, its been that kind of week!  Lisa's Christmas prep is on point while Sam admits she is lagging behind. What's in your purse reveals the HHG's obsession with receipts and Lisa's need for mirrors!  Christmas chocolate is on the ladies minds as they agree on After Eights being the best but it stops there!  Sam hates that m&m's, smarties and Hershey's kisses dress themselves up for Christmas...they are not Christmas chocolates!  They share Christmas fun facts and a story about a 100 yr old box of Christmas chocolates!  Keep listening to the end to catch their I Shake My Heads!


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