Eating For Two?


The ladies are a day late and Lisa thinks their mojo is off! Lisa needs a friend and Sam needs to clarify if this is an HHG thing or a Sam thing before committing to helping. Lisa is experiencing a midlife crisis, she thinks she might be eating for two! She is eating all the things, Starbucks banana bread, potato chips, Oh Henry bars, donuts and so much more! She feels she is on a permanent cheat day! Muffin top who? In her stance against pumpkin spice anything, Lisa declares the Boom Baby Bakery will not be serving it but instead will do a caramel apple and cranberry flavors instead. Also at the BB bakery is a new item, an apple dutch baby and of course there is a twist! With all this talk of fall foods it might almost be time for soup and sweata weather. The conversation takes a turn with talk of elastic pants, JLO unfollows A-rod, Paris Hiltons cooking show, animal cracker- cookie or cracker, FB tuesday, cheez its merch, Food facts, Lady Gaga's dog walker, hangry wasps, Girl Guide cookies, flavored syrup, Lisa's question corner, dinosaurs, Madonna's bday, asparagus, Oreo popcorn, trees, the backpack trend and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are bringing back some old problems and some new ones! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh! 

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