Duck and Swerve!


What a way to end a Monday! Lisa is trying on a new opening phrase, I don't think 'hey bitches' is the way to go. I do however like her suggestion of the background being a Honda Civic. She isn't blue like Betty but the new Black Betty will do just fine! Lisa again needs to share that she goes commando at home which is still too much information. I wonder if we care what we look like naked anymore and Lisa assures me we don't. John agrees no one needs to see his melted candle-like physique! I try to explain wearing lip gloss with a mask and all Lisa wants to do is spend some money on transitional pandemic clothes. John and I both confess to not loving doing dishes while Lisa looks like a saint as she lets God dry the dishes. I start picking apart Lisa's fake culinary achievements and misguided cooking instructions from last week. The conversation gets heated with talk of frosted flakes, creamed corn, Baby X AE A-12, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, inside jokes, Tik Tok, the Supreme court, cruise ships, bananas, Michelle Obama, chocolate cake and groupies! It's an hour of feisty fun and it might just make you laugh!

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