Dragon Slayer


Lisa will not be doing what she is told and Mother Nature is a rude, rude bitch!! Well, this is a fun start to the podcast! The ladies think Mother Nature was raised that way and decided to keep it MFing cold!! Sam is on vacation and the weather has kept her indoors. However, she will venture out to collect some yummy treats from the head baker of Boom Baby Bakery and Lisa is wondering why she is getting left out of the fun! Lisa is being wife extraordinaire as she drives Mike to work in the frigid temperatures but almost wrecks the car door! Damn wind! Sam's car Betty died due to the cold but Dad came to the rescue!!  The ladies have a  new phrase, it’s TFC...too fucking cold!! There are concerns for the pigeons in this horrid weather and frankly who cares!! Lisa asks the question who do you think you were in a past life? She believes she was a dragon slayer who made her own swords, hence her skill with the forge. Of course it all makes sense, right?! The conversation gets even more unbelievable as they talk about sandwich magic, inventor of things, lotion, beef and barley soup, Lisa's question corner, Sam's sports segment, American goulash, wine with the HHG, the world needs chocolate cake, SNL and Dan Levy, read me in Samantha, FB Tuesday, Michelle Obama, Starbucks food, Mary Wilson, fake soup, the Silence of the Lambs house, being a sheep, Princess Eugenie’s new baby, Whitney Way Thore, boring news, Chinese New Year, word play, Gorilla Glue lady, desert island picks and Sam's favorite part, what Lisa should know! The ladies share some angst filled I shake my heads about trains and outdoor cigarette etiquette! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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