Dirty Little Secret!


With the help of some Jersey magic, Lisa and Sam are recording across the border! Okay, so it's all about the tech but left up to us there would be nothing! Lisa has a confession to make and well who doesn't love a dirty little secret! Sam is not shocked by her secret but does wonder if Mike knows about it. It's no secret that Sam is in NJ and had her first Krispy Kreme, yum! Lisa wants a FB video next time! The ladies discuss the Superbowl in all its glory, commercials, snacks and halftime show. Lisa is confused by the weird rebirth of Mr. Peanut but like all good discussions it deviates to talk of Hot Tamale Peeps, Guns N Rose's, Sly Stallone, jail, Ted Bundy, palindrome, the HHG, Chai, Goop candle, dunkaroos, Iowa caucus, Mayor Pete, coffee, shamrock shakes, cinnamon toast ice cream and Baby Maker Nooner. Speaking of Valentine’s Day are you in or out? Lisa and Sam weigh-in and well just do you babe! It's just a bit of ridiculous fun and it might just make you laugh!


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