Dear Buffet!


Sam thinks she might need a buffet in her life  and that leads them to go down memory lane about the classy, trashy, and fancy buffets! It was always about the many options of food all brought together in one place! However, Sam believes the salad bar was a waste of time but that's Lisa's  favorite part...hello, salad dressings! They wish for the chance to find that one great small town buffet one day! Lisa has had a sign from the universe about bacon, Sam wants to honor the HHG's request to add Ryan Reynolds to the squad and Lisa just wants to remember that conversation! Is there such a thing as a judgement free zone, Sam isn't sure but Lisa is holding out that there might be. The conversation gets rolling with talk about Adele and Céline Dion's gum, Adele going on tour, Anne Murray trending on Tik Tok, crocs as a bitmoji option, things millennials hate, FB Tuesday, Lisa is Rob Suski's sister from another mister, mini meatloafs at the Boom Baby Bakery, Chef Boyardee, Queen sing-a-long, The Queen, Lisa needs Tik Tok training, deviled eggs, Lisa's question corner, favorite childhood Halloween costume, popcorn in a bag, Hamilton Beach dual breakfast sandwich maker, the gift from Spanx CEO, food truck themes, maple bugs and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are lazy and environmental! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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