Dancing With Tigers?!


We are feeling feisty tonight as we get down to recording. Lisa is making up phrases and words that make no sense and that's not new. She is convinced that she may have created a new word...she hasn't. The word cohort is top of mind for Lisa as she sifts through the daily news. This oddly segways us to talking about sports and play offs. Sam interjects with some info about her weekend and hanging out with her famjam which doesn't last long as Lisa starts harping about her beets again. There is no love from Lisa for Drew Barrymore and her daytime TV show. Give a girl a break! Kelly and Ryan are back in the studio with a weird green screen, Ellen is coming back September 21st and the ladies of the View are struggling with their looks as they premiere their show this week. Sam feels sympathy for Meghan McCain but Lisa is having none of that! We were doing so well with agreeing this week until we started talking about her! We move on to discussing Jessica Mulroney, cancelled food, fall coat and boots, Blizzard Treat Candle collection, Facebook Tuesday's, living la vida loca, something that everyone looks stupid doing, Jerry Lewis, The Rock, Celebs homeschooling, Derek Hough on DWTS and the Tiger Queen, 4th season of The Crown, drive-in theatre at Sandringham, Frogmore, Bonsai trees, maple vs pumpkin spice, the HHG, adding in new foods, toaster strudels, casseroles, lunch, dinner or supper, what's marzipan, autocorrect, Peacocks, season 2 of Jann and three TV shows you will watch till November. Courtesy of Nathan Peterson we tackle old game shows and Lisa realizes Bob Barker was everybody's sick day buddy! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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