Controversial Cheese?


Cheese is a very personal topic, there are emotions and sentimental attachments to the ones, you hate! Sam is going on record as it was Lisa's idea to do cheese, 'for one has to go'. Lisa did her bit to defend blue cheese (ewwww) with no avail. Sam feels cottage cheese is a misunderstood dairy product. Lisa is skipping a step from work clothes to at home/bed clothes. Sam is starting to feel normal because she got to watch Wendy Williams. Hot topic for Wendy and the ladies is Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball. Right?! They are unsure and will recant their opinion if necessary but they might be right about this one. Lisa is holding herself accountable for it still being sweater weather and Sam is impressed with delusion. The ladies dig in and discuss creamed corn, Sesame Streets 50th, Anne Murray, Wall of Chefs, new shoes, no BBQing, hard boiled eggs, Pop tart lady, FB tuesday and getting vaccinated. Lisa and Sam invited Colleen and Bridgett the lovely cohosts of the podcast Hot Flashes & Cool Topics to join them for a chat. They had hilarious conversations about muffin tops, brain fog, how to snag good guests and a fun game of ‘this or that’ Menopause Edition! It was a blast! But they aren't done yet with discussions about Carol Burnett, Barbara Streisand, the Oscars, Halle Berry bangs, smells of summer, the CMT, store draws, JLO and the new sensation a pickle character board. Yes, Lisa means charcuterie board! LOL The I shake my heads are all about Sam and cooking shows! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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