Clothing Optional?


The mood for this week is take your panic and panic somewhere else. Yup, that's how the week has been friends of the podcast. Sam points out Lisa's inappropriate use of the Lord's name which somehow leads them to determine Lisa is on the B team when it comes to getting into heaven. Dr. Oz says Sam's hot chocolate is a good splurge and he says add marshmallows! Lisa got her 70's groove on late Saturday night watching the Bee Gees HBO documentary. She thinks we would have had a blast at Studio 54! The HHG teased Lisa with a beautiful picture of her charcuterie board. The ladies think she is the perfect hostess that never has anyone over! Lisa thinks her couch has magical sleeping powers and Sam wonders if she will ever nap again. Lisa has a new flavour of mini wheats and wonders if there is such a thing as too much sugar. She boasts about her fancy egg mcmuffin maker which gets the ladies talking about the Egg Bite, a sink dish dryer, no Canadian game shows, a new Jeopardy host, the calendar store, Christmas with celebrities, Tuesdays FB, Action Park documentary, Dionne Warwick, funeral food, Ellen, Sharon Osborne, grated cheese, jelly donuts, free McDonalds food, adults with stuffed animals, smelling burps/farts, the royal podcast, HHG and the wine advent calendar, Feliz Navidad, naked Gingerbread men, Santa's workshop and where are we with Christmas! The ladies dive into their topic, Christmas potpourri with talk of  favorite cookies, holiday smells, favorite songs and childhood memory. It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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