Can’t Have It All!


It's been a weird week friends of podcast. Sam fell down some stairs and broke her ankle! Yup, she finally did it! She is at the BnB of Chez Sperling!! All she wants is to be put on the list and put back together!! The ladies have a bigger topic to discuss 'The interview'. Some of the listeners are waiting to hear Lisa's take on the 2 two hour tour! She felt there was a lot of ‘whoa is me’ and ‘ I don't do this to people’ talk but yet she did! Clay Aiken said it best on twitter "the new sporting event of 2021 is called victimizing'. Sam is wondering why she has to hear about this and feels there are some gaps in the information that is being shared. Lisa clears up some misleading information about great grand kids and titles and then reaffirms Princess Diana she ain't! Sam makes a good point about the British press and admits what she knows about the royals comes from the Netflix show the Crown! Lisa refuses to believe Meghan didn't google Harry before their first date as she lays it all out for you friends of the podcast, enjoy!! They do move on to talking about International Women's Day, a new bakery item for the Boom Baby Bakery, buttergate, pigeons are back, a portable toilet seat, GH madness, the soft serve mullet, Potato Heads, Lisa's question corner, bad ratings, Benny from Dodo, Tina Turner, GenZers try to cancel Eminem, socks while you sleep, Walter Gretzky, boxed chocolates, Diana Sauce, new squad member Carrie Sander, FB Tuesday, life hack, wax figures eating steak, watermelon, 2027 space hotel, McDonald's new chicken burger, hot in here, white sweat socks, wagyu cheeseburgers at Red Lobster and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads have Lisa distraught over Franco and Sam wonders why phones don't come with a cone of silence! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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