Buh Bye Liz!


Everything is great with a heavy emphasis on the 't'! Yup, it's a little tense in Betty cause the heater is acting up. Right!! The show must go on folks! Lisa quite enjoyed the lunch because of its diversity but has a slight issue with dessert. There's big news in the land of Lisa...Pretzel Pop-tarts! I know Sam didn't care either but she still let her have her moment! The ladies go on to chat about Martha Stewart, Spanx, TLC shows, Lisa's new cookbook, chopsticks, Josh Groban, Harry Potter, Somnibel, scalloped potatoes, WrestleMania, clip on bangs, cake decorating, new Oreos and Zara Tindall. A bigger concern is what will the Queen do about Harry and Meghan. Lisa and Sam feel that in order for the Royals to move to Canada they need to know a few things. It's a lot but frankly being this awesome as a country doesn't come easy, there are rules people!! It's a ridiculous conversation but it might just make you laugh!  

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