Boom Baby BBQ?


Well, Lisa isn't happy because it's too warm and Sam confesses to killing her plant. Let's be honest it didn't stand a chance! With warmer weather comes BBQ season and Lisa has already got one under her belt. Sam wonders if barbecuing is more of the mans domain and Lisa thinks it is only because of historical documentation. Who knew the Flintstones were so educational! We get caught up talking about BBQ ribs and stumble on the next addition of our Boom Baby business...the Boom Baby BBQ food truck! Brilliant!! Lisa is priming herself for watermelon season and wants it Lionel Riche style! Sam hasn't really been craving anything while in quarantine and she is done cooking but she definitely will not be trying burger in a can. Yuk! The HHG has been busy baking and Lisa is concerned she might be moving in on her bakery business. We have a lot on our minds with mimosa popsicles, Michelle Obama, Lisa's hair, dress up, the CFL, cheating in pandemic times, Jimmy Fallon, Rob Lowe alert, snack of the week, nutmeg challenge, fancy nightgowns, Donald Trump's snap chat filter, potatoe surplus, and Lisa's weekly delusion! We are definitely thinking about summer and one of us might be afraid of sunless tanners. It's all just a bit ridiculous but it might just make you laugh!
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