Baking Mittens and Toques?


What happens when John,  Lisa and Sam get together? They record an episode! Yup, the ladies needed John's help again and it turned out great! Sam confesses to Lisa that she may have contributed to the sadness in the Gibson household. The horror! Sam quickly changes the topic with talk of Disney Plus and the 91st birthday of Mickey and Minnie. It works as they move on to the Food Network which has Sam shaking her head because Lisa is not a champion cookie baker!  This gets Lisa and Sam talking about new oreo flavours, pickles, Eggo cereal, Tic Tacs, self-checkouts, Chick-fil-a, The Crown, pigeons, Burger King, and Donnie and Marie! She's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock n' roll! What is up with songs that stick in your head and why do we know all the lyrics? Lisa and Sam don't know why but they have a few that get them every time! It's ridiculous but it might make you smile!
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