Are They In There?


It's just another day in the neighbourhood if your local politicians also traveled over the holidays. Lisa and Sam have very strong opinions about that and Lisa is choked our friends to the south and didn't give her a heads up about the news reels they were about to create! Sam has even bigger and far better news, Wendy Williams biopic is coming out January 30th! She will view it and report back! New Years eve was quiet for the ladies as one watched Ryan while the other watched Andy and Anderson. Sam only stayed up long enough to watch her girl JLO then off to bed she went. Lisa has a request for different songs to play as they count down to the new year. She just couldn't wrap her brain around the John Lennon song Imagine as part of that mix. It's so depressing! Sam mentions the gossip about  KimK and Kanye divorcing. They believe she's gonna be fine without him. Lisa's bigger concern is why didn't Holly Hobby and Raggedy Ann and Andy make a comeback. Everything else has been resurrected, why not them? She is also under the delusion she has the voice of an angel and might pursue a career as a bingo caller or sleep whisperer. Honestly, Lisa is too busy figuring out her new iPhone to pick up a new calling! Sam discovers a new treat for her toast called Cinnadust, this leads to chat about the spaghetti fairy, FB Tuesday, making beds, work lunches, favorite Disney dwarf, Megan McCain, Caesar salad, Kelly Ripa and the McRib, a snowball launcher, a retractable stool, churro dipped ice cream, pandemic lazy, Saucemoto clips, Drakes new hairdo, slow cookers, celebrities who lie, aprons, Kit Kat thins, The Best Leftovers Ever cooking show and Lisa the Italian racecar driver! The ladies imagine what their lives might be like in a parallel universe and oddly they don't seem to be friends. Don't fret it's all just make believe or is it?! Take a moment for yourself and listen to us yammer about what makes us shake our heads!! It might just make you laugh!!

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