American S**T Show!!


It's all about the US election for Lisa as she valiantly stayed up to the wee hours of morning gobbling up all the news. She felt a kinship to the citizens of the United States and considers herself an honorary Merican! There is a musical interlude as Lisa schools Sam on an Ozzy Osbourne song. The HHG made up an election drinking game, electashot! They launch right into the topic which is about the differences between the US election vs a Canadian election. Basically we go vote and in no way do we rally, stay up to watch the results or get upset if who we voted for doesn't get in. Lisa admits to really loving the drama/train wreck that ultimately comes out of a US election. However, Sam is calm about all of this because as she says 'she doesn't have a horse in this race' and frankly she DFC'd. Lisa feels she could be an American politician and Sam agrees because her first instinct is to lie! She was so excited for election day she bought special snacks! WTF!! Krispy Kreme gave away donuts on November 3rd and the Canadians are ready to emotionally support you! Call 1-800-CALL-LISA!! Lisa wonders if Trump doesn't win this one will he come back and try again? Her pigeons are roosting nearby and is disappointed when she learns they don't fly south for the winter. A storm is brewing and Sam is not prepared but the Gibsons are! There is an update on the murder hornets and Lisa asks Dear God...why? Apple crisps are like warm hugs according to Lisa and everyone needs a french onion soup. Remember when potato skins were the bomb back in the day? It was kicked to the curb during Tuesday's FB post. The most hated pub food was deep fried pickles with dry ribs a close second but there were at least two people who loved those pickles! Ewwww!!! The ladies get going as they discuss Prince William, the COVID, masks, the McRib, Cream of Wheat, winter sports, Christmas carols, Tan France, White Chocolate peppermint pretzel, Chelsea Handler, This Is Us, The Good Dr., Sean Connery, expired muffins, Dill Pickle Pizza, Key Lime pie, grapefruit, popcorn, one car key and Dave Chappel on SNL. The ladies share their weekly I shake my heads and learn sometimes you just have to enjoy the win! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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