Am I Glamorous?


It's officially September and sweater weather but there is no need to turn on the heat Michael Gibson! That red dot on their thermostat is the bane of Lisa's existence. Lisa rants on the color of Jon Bon Jovi's hair. Apparently grey is not his color! We had a girl's night out on Friday and things got interesting as Lisa and the HHG bought drinks for random guys at the bar. We learned that we should have had fake bar names, who knew! Our waitress Hannah Montana was lovely and kept the ladies well stocked in happy hour wine! Tuesday's facebook was another good one with people divided on what 80's movie to ditch. Sam feels like St. Elmo's Fire was the winner! We talk about those who have passed Chadwick Boseman, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. We offer our podcasting expertise to Meghan and Harry as they contemplate starting a podcast. How expensive is too expensive when it comes to engagement rings? Lisa asks the question, do we have glamorous Canadian stars. We realize, no we don't but that doesn't stop Lisa from claiming she could be glamorous. Sam bursts her bubble with many examples of why she isn't! The freight train of fun keeps rolling with mention of KFC, chicken skin, HHG, pumpkin pie ice cream sandwich, beet season, fall clothing, fall purse, Rebel Wilson, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, nursery school rhymes, florettes, grilled hotdogs, the Jays, donut beer, new TV, Lucky charms marshmallows, IKEA, Drew Barrymore on daytime TV, 770lb alligator, Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt's married girlfriend. We debate fake eyelashes vs fake eyebrows which leads us to so many more things that can be too much!! You should still look like yourself after adding or subtracting from your body! Just sayin! It's a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh

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