All Shrimped Out!!


t's only January 2nd and the ladies are already thinking its all a bit much.  Lisa has a big announcement she is all shrimped out!! She has been shrimping since November and there are still 5 shrimp rings waiting in the wings! The ladies are feeling off with Christmas and New Years being in the middle of the week. What day is it? Lisa reveals why there has been a weird smell in her apartment and you will never guess why! Sam is excited and sad that her favorite show Schitt's Creek is back January 7th even if its the final season. The ladies have a lot to talk about as they discuss The Bachelor, Batman, AHA, nursery rhymes, fruit loops, Flipcooker, world records, Olive Wagyu, Beiber, Cats, The Crown, 22 Convention and January hibernation!  In 2020 Lisa and Sam are more New Year same me but they share a few things that may or may not happen in 2020! It's just a bit of lighthearted fun that we hope makes you laugh!
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