Agree to Disagree


It's already been a long afternoon for the ladies cause the cracks are showing!  Lisa starts off trying to convince Sam she made a Yule log but it was only in her mind!? WTF! Sam loves celebrity gossip as much as the next person but she is having none of this apologizing crap from JT! Lisa thinks if you can cheat go for it and Sam is like dude don't even! Lisa is again obsessed with all things Oreo and why not throw in a weird Red Lobster sweater with a biscuit warmer. It's no wonder Sam thinks Lisa is loco when she questions the taste of cold tea! The conversation gets really going with mention of the French fry shortage, Alanis Morissette, Jann Arden, Kamala Harris, Brittany Spears, Amazon, coat hangers, Christmas oranges, Instapots, weird onesies, Whamagedon, and People's People of 2019. Lisa launches right into her December survival guide and it shows her giving nature and Sam's does not! Oh well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! It's just a bit of quirky chit chat to lift your spirits!

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