A Tall Dark Blonde


We all know Lisa loves herself a good haircut so Sam's new hairdo does not go unnoticed. The question Lisa poses 'have the bangs found a forever home'? Tune in and find out folks!! Sam is ready for spring but words like crippling cold are being thrown around in the coming days!! Breaking news the Bachelorette is filming in Canada, road trip anyone!! Shauna Foster are you game to go check it out? Lisa thinks watching the tv show FAME will solve all our problems! It's just some light hearted fun that we all need, apparently. Lisa got her days mixed up and was proudly announcing her love of pancakes but sadly it was actually groundhog day. Sam and Lisa had very different reactions to Wendy's Lifetime movie. One of them found it fun and eye opening and the other tapped out after 45 seconds!  Lisa claims Starbucks named a coffee after her because her name was on the cup. She asked for a tall dark blonde and got a questioning look and that somehow has her thinking she is a barista. Seriously?! Bigger question: how small is your tall? So much weirdness from one person! This leads them to chat about so many fun things like, the Super Bowl, the Boom Baby bakery cook off, the fun Super Bowl commercials, the Drew Barrymore and hot sauces, Lisa's question corner, the lotto, new bounty hunter, museum items, Candy Funhouse, FB Tuesday, Andrea's FB, itchy ear, underwear, Marilyn Manson, public washroom angst, Laverne & Shirley, Valentines day, Why did they make that, Martha's cinnamon rolls, Shamrock shakes, new crayons, no socks, Sir Thomas Moore, Cicely Tyson, Dustin Diamonds, organic burial pods, Kristen Stewart, Carolina Reapers and Sam’s, things Lisa oughta to know! Lisa's I shake my head involves the light in her room and Sam wants to discuss the point of the groundhog. It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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