A Six Hour Tour?


We needed a car break from each other after a three hour trip turned into a six hour trip there and back! Sam reveals that she cooked all weekend and Lisa tries to convince her that it was to help her shine. Ya right!! Sam outs Lisa because she broke her tongue with her over use of fuzzy peaches! We argue about why we had to stop for DQ onion rings in North Battleford which has Lisa confessing that she was mildly hung over from the night before. Lisa's bacon prophecy came true and one of the girls is sick of bacon! Lisa wonders why people wake up cranky when it's a do over day, whatever the hell that means. As usual we missed out on a free food give away from Tims to celebrate Canada Day. Lisa gets thrown for a loop when she learns Kevin Spacey sat on the Queen's throne! Things start to go a bit awry when Lisa poses the same day panty question. We discuss Sam's choice of TV, Subway, peach dumplings, which cake goes, Sam's time to shine, just in case milk, Lisa's Bday, Kanye West, Ellen & Portia, Jay z and cheating, Amy Cooper, Whitney Way Thore, Big Brother, moist baked potatoes, everything should have pockets, face masks, Disney Plus and the age old question who really did let the dogs out!? Lisa and Sam share what we love most about amusement parks. Lisa goes for the games of chance and Sam can't get enough of the rides! It's a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!


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