As always Lisa feels the need to air our dirty laundry right off the hop.  John jumps in with his two cents and a bit of back and forth starts but Sam is having none of that! Sam explains to Lisa that nobody cares if we aren’t in the car, they just want us to record! For some reason this gets Sam thinking she could be a voice actor and Lisa reveals with a few drinks in her that she sounds like a 14 year old boy! Lol!! Lisa is worried that Sam has already started to hibernate at home! She ain't too far off!! John flashes a message which leads to us old farts trying to remember a tik tok! So sad! It's Lisa and Mike's 20th anniversary and they have signed on for one more year. Pauline (friend of the podcast) asked for Mike's version of how they got together and well it's short and sweet! We finally watched a show together again and it was the train wreck DWTS! The Tiger Queen is horrible and frankly so is Tyra Banks! We miss the old hosts! We both missed the premiere of the Drew Barrymore show and didn't feel bad about it. We are more excited about Kelly and Wendy starting up again! Woo hoo!! Lisa asks if Joe Rogan should host a presidential debate, Sam thinks why the hell not! It's all downhill from here as Lisa launches into the fact that there will be no new Peeps, pumpkin spice hotdogs, Tuesday's FB, a pigeon updates, DIY projects, new Starbucks lid, Joanna Gains, sheet pan chicken, cravings, hashbrown types, car shopping, drive yourself or get chauffeured, the Emmys, This Is Us, the Masked Singer, The Golden Girls, Bob Newhart, Chris Evan's privates, Jana Duggar, Paris Hilton, hurricane names, and Dunkaroo flavored beer! Sam wanted to prove to Lisa we could live life without sauces but nope it's not possible! We list off all the great foods that couldn't be great without a sauce!! Sauces are life!! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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