Sep 29, 2017

A lot about nothing!

It's a podcast about nothing! Listen to Lisa and Sam discuss all the "important" things...Football, The Blacklist, The Voice and Banning Cartwheels!

Sep 22, 2017

Summer Shrunk My Winter Clothes!

The ladies discuss the pitfalls of a well done summer. Clothes aren't fitting and winter coats could be a problem! Laugh along as they realize summer shrunk their winter clothes!!

Sep 15, 2017

Gotta love the 70’s!

The ladies may have been young in the 70's but have they got some fun memories! They discuss jello as a salad, casseroles made with tuna, ugly furniture, fantastic TV, blockbuster movies and groovy music! 

Sep 8, 2017

When in doubt, throw it out!

Don't eat that, it's over due! If best before dates are merely a suggestion are expiration dates the final nail in your coffin?

Sep 1, 2017

What tv do you watch when nobody’s looking?

What Lisa watches on tv  reveals her past life professions while Sam's divulge her love of murder and mayhem.


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